Post Op Instructions

Post Operation Care Instructions for Veneers, Crowns, Bridges and Fillings

If anesthesia was used it will wear off with in approximately 1-3 hours after the procedure.

It is important to remember NOT to chew on the numb side

(prevents biting tongue, lip, etc.) until the anesthesia has worn off.


    • Your teeth may become sensitive after this procedure. The gum tissue may also feel tender. This is COMPLETELY normal. The more invasive the procedure, the more likely these symptoms may occur. These systems should cease within a few days to a few weeks.
    • As long as your teeth and gums are continuing to feel better and not staying the same or getting worse, then there is no need for concern.

Temporary Crowns or Bridges


    • It’s important for your temporary crown/bridge to stay in place on your tooth until we seat your permanent dental work.
    • If your temporary becomes loose or comes off at any time, please call the office immediately.
    • Please AVOID any hard and chewy foods such as: ice, hard candy, taffy or gum. These foods have been known to loosen or help pull temporaries from patient’s teeth.
    • If your temporary does become loose, please gently place it back on the tooth. A small amount of Chap Stick may also be used to help your temporary stay in place until it can be re-cemented during regular office hours.
    • If you notice that your bite is uneven after the anesthesia has worn off, please give our office a call. This imbalance could lead to further discomfort and will need to be adjusted.
Post Op Instructions

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