Power Whitening

This procedure allows us to give you a whiter and brighter smile right here in our office usually in just one or two visits.  We begin with a pre-op visit to determine the existing color shade of your teeth, the health of your teeth and a review of any risks involved with the procedure.  Pre-op photos and all necessary consent paperwork is completed on the pre-op visit. 

 During the 1 to 2 hour treatment appointment, much care is taken to isolate and protect your gums, lips and other soft tissue areas throughout the whitening process.  While some bleaching gels (aka Zoom II) requires the use of an ultraviolet light, the newer gels are activated without the use of the light. Once the isolation of all soft tissue is completed, we apply a highly concentrated bleaching gel on each of the facial surfaces of the six upper and lower anterior teeth.   The whitening gel is allowed to work for 15 minutes.  It is then removed and a new application of gel is applied for an additional 15 minutes.  This same process is repeated again for a total of three-15 minute sessions.  Once the procedure is complete, post op instructions are given to each patient.  A follow up visit may be necessary to take post-op photos.

While every case is different, most patients will see their smile lighten an average of 2 to 6 shades or more.  In some cases, we may recommend fluoride treatment to handle any post-whitening sensitivity.  We will also provide you with custom take home touch up trays to assist you in keeping your smile white and bright.  Power whitening differs from the take home tooth whitening procedures in that the results are immediate instead of the 2 to 3 weeks it takes to do whitening at home. 

Power whitening is a safe and effective technology that can give you that beautiful smile you have been looking for and usually in just one or two visits.  For more information, be sure to call our office staff for assistance with all your questions and concerns.

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I had been going to the same dentist since I was a little girl and they were really good, but they didn't specialize in some things that I needed to get done. After coming to East Taylor, they found all kinds of things that were wrong with some of my teeth because they have the state of the art equipment that can pinpoint things my other dentist could not. They tell you how much it will cost before the work gets done and print you out an itemized sheet so you can plain your next step; no surprises. It does help that everyone I have met in the office are very welcoming and have wonderful attitudes and there no pressure in getting things done right away you can't afford right now; these guys are awesome. I am here to stay:)

Katrina B- Patient since 2015,

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