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3D CONEBEAM SCAN (Galileo’s by Sirona)

This powerful new technology is the latest in the digital 3-dimensial head scanscan of the head, neck and jaw (similar to a CAT scan but far less radiation exposure).  This scan allows us to see more comprehensive and enhanced images of the head, neck and jaw, enabling us to make better diagnoses and treatment plans. The scan has multiple uses for diagnosing oral surgery pathology, endodontics, TMJ, orthodontics, sleep apnea/snoring, and implant surgery.  It also allows us to educate the patient to his/her oral condition so they can be of assistance with their treatment planning.

Cerec CAD/CAM Restorations(Galileo’s by Sirona)

The powerful computer assisted design and manufacturing technology, called cad/cam allows us to custom make tooth colored restorations such as crowns, on-lays and veneers right in our office and all in a single appointment.


With digital radiography, we use computerized equipment and software to capture x-ray images of your mouth and teeth.  This is accomplished by exposing a small sensor or plate that feeds the image into a computer.

Digital X-rays have many advantages over traditional film dental x-rays.

  1. It’s quick and comfortable
  2. Because there is no chemical development, it is safer for the environment
  3. It’s safer for the patient because the unit is so sensitive, reducing the amount of radiation up to 80% less that conventional x-rays.
  4. We can enhance the images to improve the viewing
  5. The images can be stored electronically and e-mailed to specialists and insurance companies.

INTRAORAL CAMERA: Do you want to see what we see in your mouth?

Now you can.  Through the use of a highly advanced pieced of diagnostic equipment called the intraoral camera, you can see what’s inside your mouth.  This highly advanced piece of diagnostic equipment is about the size of a dental mirror with its own built in light source and video camera.  It allows us to show you images of one tooth to your entire mouth.  On a large TV/computer monitor you will be able to see problems such as cracked teeth, leaking or failing fillings; plaque and calculus build up, broken teeth and more.  We can print these images for you to take home and also to send them to your insurance company for supporting documentation on your dental claim.  The intraoral camera enables you to see inside your mouth giving you a clear understanding of your dental conditions.  This allows you to play an active role in making treatment decisions with confidence


Understanding the “why” and “how” of dental procedures and technology are important in making educated decisions regarding your dental health.  That’s why we at East Taylor Dental Associates have invested in a partnership with the Caesy Education System.  These short one to two minute videos are designed to educate the patient in layman’s terms on why a procedure is recommended/necessary and also how the procedure is to be accomplished.  We are also able to educate patients on post-op care for nearly every dental procedure we do.  We believe providing you with audio-visual and written education material allows you to be active in making educated treatment decisions with confidence.

Through the courtesy of Caesy Educations Systems, a variety of videos and printable education material is available through out this website..


Through the development and advancement of laser technology, treating the soft tissue areas of your mouth has become a lot easier and more comfortable.  How does a laser work?  The laser is the size of a dental handpiece, and uses a highly energized light beam to sculpt and cauterize the soft tissue all at the same time.  This means there is little or no bleeding, and it speeds up your healing time.  Since the laser beam sterilizes the tissue, it reduces your chance of infection.  The laser light beam is very precise, treating only a specific area, leaving surrounding tissues untouched.  It is very quiet and most people do not need anesthesia.

 We are able to use lasers for a variety of procedures such as:

  • Crown lengthening to improve your smile
  • Remove gum tissue without cutting
  • Remove cold sores and lesions
  • Sterilize areas infected with bacteria

Lasers are FDA approved and safe to use on everyone.

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